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Micro-project update (October, 22nd, 2014): Most of our 2014 projects are either complete or nearing completion! However, we are still looking for generous donors who would help us cover the cost of these important efforts. Please consider supporting one of these great local initiatives in Burma and India.



Burma Center Prague, o.p.s.

Burma Center Prague is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the democratization of Burma, respect for human rights, and help improve the lives of people in Burma and Burmese in exile. You can learn more about the organization here.

One of Burma Center Prague’s current projects is a three-year project called Indian Base for the Transformation of Burma II, supported from resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within its Transition Promotion Program. The project seeks to build and develop civil society in India and support activities focused on promoting the transition of Burma to a democracy. One of the project’s activities is giving out microgrants.


Microgrants are small grants that are distributed to local non-profit organizations and/or informal associations. As part of the project, grants up to a maximum value of 45,000 Indian rupees (approximately CZK 18,000, EUR 700 or USD 900) are being given to Burmese civil initiatives and movements in Burma and India that are trying to strengthen the establishment of democracy in Burma and/or improve the conditions of Burmese refugees in India.


A share does not bestow any demand, ownership, or other similar right to the donation of the microgrant/microproject. It only represents a portion of the donation of the project supported and the value of that donation.

Selection of microgrant recipients

Following a formal Call for Proposals and based on a set of previously established criteria, BCP has selected 20 microprojects that we believe are best suited to and most in need of a microgrant. With the help of individual donors we would like to enable the realization of these selected microprojects. Donors may support a part of a project or the project in its entirety, and thus take responsibility for its implementation.

How to donate

Each microproject is divided into a limited number of shares of the same value. One share is valued at 500 Czech crowns (approx. EUR 20, USD 25). An individual interested in donating simply registers to become a member in the group of supporters of Burma Center Prague, Friends of Burma. Then he or she can choose to support as many shares of a project as remain available. He or she can also support shares of several microprojects, until they are sold out. The individual is then either the sole microdonor of the microproject, or a partner donor with the other supporters, according to how many individuals hold shares in the project. Support of a given share becomes effective upon the individual’s payment of the relevant portion of the donation.

How to become a microdonor – in three steps:

  1. Learn about our micro-grant scheme.
  2. Register to become a Friend of Burma.
  3. Choose a project(s) from the list of available projects that you would like to support and donate the amount corresponding to the number of shares in the projecct that you would like to support. Each project is divided into a limited number of shares each valued at 500 Czech crowns.

How to become a member of the club of supporters – detailed steps

  • Each project is divided into a limited number of shares of the same value. One share represents a donation of 500 Czech crowns (approx. EUR 19 or USD 25)
  • Choose a project(s) that you would like to support and specify for each project how many shares you would like to donate. You will then see in your basket the total amount that you must pay.
  • Continue to checkout. Fill in the online registration for Friends of Burma.
  • If you do not want your name and the amount you have donated to be shown under the listing for the project(s), please indicate this in the form.
  • Specify if you would like us to send you an official receipt for the tax office so you can deduct this donation from your income tax.
  • Make your payment using one of the methods available (with a credit card via PayPal or by bank transfer)

If the project you have chosen has already been fully supported, you have the option of putting it in your „Wish List“. The wish list is a non-binding expression of interest that will help us estimate the level of support for a new launch of the same or a similar project. By putting the project on your wish list, you would have the opportunity to support the creation of more activities.

Withdrawal from the implementation of the microproject and conditions for ending membership

The provision of a donation is final and it is not possible for the microdonor to revoke it nor to request that the amount paid be returned.
In the event that the microproejct you sponsored is cancelled, Burma Center Prague will offer your financial help to another similar organization/project. You would be informed in advance of such a situation.

Friends of Burma was established in 2007 as a group of volunteers and supporters of the community service organization Burma Center Prague, and it is governed by the statute of Burma Center Prague. Membership in Friends of Burma does not require any membership fee. You agree to become a member by saving your personal data for the purpose of administering your membership and by allowing us to contact you for this purpose. You may cancel your membership at any time by written notification. Burma Center Prague reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of membership at the end of the microproject. Members will be informed thereof in advance and will be given the opportunity to withdraw from membership.

Donor’s rights

Each microdonor will receive, from Burma Center Prague, a final report on the implementation of the microproject he/she supported and its achieved results.
The microdonor does not have the right to influence the progress of the project nor its final results.

The microdonor may, upon request, receive contact information for the organization he/she has supported, if he/she would like to establish contact with the organization or further support it (through the microgrant program or by other method).

Although Burma Center Prague will regularly monitor the use of the microgrant resources, we cannot guarantee in each case the excellent implementation of the microproject exactly according to the description presented. It is important to understand that Burmese activists live in conditions that cannot be compared to those in Europe, they live in semi-illegality, and often need to improvise, for many services they are not able to get a receipt, etc.

In the event of an unplanned modication of the project, the relevant microdonor will be informed of the change in the final report, including the reasons that necessitated the change and whether the change improved the project or not.


The microprojects will be implemented in the period from April 2013 to December 2013.

Tax deduction

Physical persons (as per paragraph 15, page 8 of the Czech law on income tax). Each sponsor that is a physical person can deduct up to 2% of the value of his/her donation from his/her income tax base, or at least 1,000 Czech crowns.
Legal entity (as per paragraph 20, page 8 of the Czech law on income tax). Each sponsor that is a legal entity can deduct the value of its donation, if the donation is at least 2,000 Czech crowns. From the total, a maximum of 5% can be deducted from an already lowered tax base. This amount cannot be claimed by tax payers that are not founded or established for the purpose of running a business.

Microgrant Supporter:

Part of the support of the chosen organizations is covered by the resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within its Transition Promotion Program.

Privacy Protection

Personal data will not be passed to any third party without the consent of the bearer in accordance with Law No. 101/2000 Sb. on the protection of personal data.

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