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Human Rights and Democracy Training

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Providing training in democracy and human rights to people inside Burma.
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Human Rights and Democracy Training


Burmese living in exile in India do not always have the reach to help Burmese inside the country or on the border areas. Many Burmese inside Burma lack knowledge of human rights, democracy, and politics, this includes in particular the Chin and Mizo living in the Kalay, Kabaw Valley, Sagaing Division area where there is a large military headquarters. MWO will offer training in democracy and human rights to people in this area, to help promote the transition to democracy in Burma as well as make the country itself and the population stronger. Another goal is to encourage more communication and cooperation between the different ethnic groups inside Burma, particularly among youth.

Mizo Welfare Organization will provide training to approximately 40 people, with a priority on youth, in Kalay Kabaw valley during 2 four-day sessions held in July 2012.

You can help by contributing to the costs of preparing and carrying out the training, including hall rental, stationery, and travel/transportation for both the trainers and participants.

Additional Information

Name of Organization Mizo Welfare Organization
About the Organisation The Burmese Lushai Union, renamed Mizo Welfare Organization, was formed in October, 2007, to support the welfare of people, promote and protect their culture, improve awareness of human rights and democracy, and unify people living in the Kabaw Valley in Burma as well as community members living in Mizoram. MWO would like to further support women and youth in particular, and help develop the community at large.
Total Costs INR 25,000 (approx. CZK 9,000 or EUR 360)
Amount for sponsorship CZK 9,000
Total Number of Shares 18
Location Aizawl, Mizoram
Timeframe June - September 2012
Progress Update June/July: In July, two trainers travelled from Aizawl, Mizoram state into Burma to hold human rights and democracy training for two groups of participants, in Kalaymyo and Saigaing townships. Participants learned about the meaning of human rights and the UDHR, basic principles of democracy, and international political sovereignty. A total of 46 people attended the training, and many were learning about these topics for the first time and gained useful knowledge.

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