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Micro-project update (October, 22nd, 2014): Most of our 2014 projects are either complete or nearing completion! However, we are still looking for generous donors who would help us cover the cost of these important efforts. Please consider supporting one of these great local initiatives in Burma and India.

General aim of the grant scheme

The general aim is to strengthen civil society in Burma and in India for the benefit of Burma's democratization and to provide help for disadvantaged Burmese living in India.


Applications that are submitted must pass a selection procedure before they can receive any funding. The applications will be evaluated by the organization Burma Center Prague according to the following criteria:

Identified need for target group: Does the project respond to a known and important problem of the target group within the general aim of the program to strengthen civil society in India and in neighboring Burmese regions for the benefit of Burma's democratization or provide help for disadvantaged Burmese living in India”
Appropriate activities to address need: Does the project react in an adequate and innovative way to the identified needs of the target groups and does it not duplicate existing activities?
Reasonable expenses: Do the expenses of the project correspond to the project aims, activities and expected outputs?
Capacity for implementation: Will the applicant be able to implement the project successfully and use the grant as proposed? Does previous implementation of projects and/or the applicant's performance in BCP workshop prove this capacity?

The available total amount of funding will be shared among the best applications according to this evaluation.


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